Little Book for a Little Cook cover

Little Book for a Little Cook

L. P. Hubbard (?-?)

1. Directions
2. A Note to the Modern Reader
3. Bread
4. Biscuits
5. Ginger bread
6. Sponge Cake
7. Muffins
8. Creamed Potatoes
9. Fudge
10. Chocolate Cake
11. Johnny Cake
12. Little Talks with Little Cooks
13. The Tale of the Loaf on the Shelf

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This charming little book compiles together a number of recipes, set out in an easy to understand manner, along with a poetic story about the stages of bread production. This book was produced as a promotional for a flour production company called Pillsbury. This is a "modern" update compared to the original edition of the book. This version has exact oven temperature settings for each recipe included in a preface for the book, along with more precise suggestions for the baking time. The book has been written for children, however I am certain that adults could enjoy the book equally as much as a child would.