Liliecrona's Home cover

Liliecrona's Home

Selma Lagerlöf (1858-1940)

1. 01 - The Storm-wind
2. 02 - The Spinning-wheels
3. 03 - The Black Lake
4. 04 - Snow-white, part 1
5. 05 - Snow-white, part 2
6. 06 - The Pastor of Svartsjö -The Magic Pancake
7. 07 - The Bride's Dance
8. 08 - The Fox-pit
9. 09 - The Silver Thaler
10. 10 - The Pastor from Finland
11. 11 - The Smith from Henriksberg
12. 12 - Ensign Orneclou
13. 13 - The Daily Round
14. 14 - A Spring Evening
15. 15 - The Accusation
16. 16 - The Rest Stone - The Water Spirits in Lövdala
17. 17 - The Home

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Liliecrona's Home was published in Sweden 1911 and translated into English by Anna Barwell and published in London 1913. The story is set in the same surroundings in the district of Värmland, which Lagerlöf knew so well, and used in many of her books. At the bottom of the dried out Svartsjö lake (Black Lake) there lies the Lövdala Parsonage with its stables and outhouses. There resides the goodhearted, widowed, Pastor Lyselius and his beautiful daughter. Here one day, arrives his new wife, who turns out to be a wicked stepmother. She tempts with her cooking and other allurements, but soon shows her real self. She torments her servants and especially the parson's daughter, mamsell Maia Lisa. We follow mamsell Maia Lisa through torments and sufferings where she gets ever new and harder burdens to carry on her weak shoulders. But by her side in all weathers stands the cleareyed Little Maid, never afraid to say what she thinks or to defend justice. It is hard times when the stepmother is allowed to rule at Lövdala. Even the Parson abandons his nice personality and becomes a marionette who turns against those who he most loves. But changes will come in the end.