Life of Saint Monica cover

Life of Saint Monica

Frances Alice Forbes (1869-1936)

1. How St. Monica was Brought Up by Christian Parents in the City of Tagaste
2. How St. Monica Lived in the Pagan Household of Her Husband Patricius
3. How St. Monica Brought Up Her Children, and How Little Augustine Fell Sick and Desired Baptism
4. How St. Monica by Her Gentleness and Charity Won Patricius and His Mother to Christ
5. How Augustine Went to Carthage and How Patricius Died a Christian Death
6. How St. Monica Lived in the Days of Her Widowhood, and How She Put All Her Trust in God
7. How St. Monica's Heart Was Well Nigh Broken by the News that Her Son had Adjured the Christian Faith
8. How Augustine Planned to Go to Rome, and How He Cruelly Deceived His Mother
9. How Augustine Came to Milan, and How His Tempest-Tossed Soul Found Light and Peace at Last
10. How St. Monica Lived at Cassiacum with Augustine and His Friends, and How Augustine was Baptized by St. Ambrose
11. How St. Monica Set Out for Africa with St. Augustine, and how She Died at Ostia on the Tiber

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