Letters of Travel cover

Letters of Travel

Rudyard Kipling (1868-1936)

1. From Tideway to Tideway (1892-1895) : In Sight of Monadnock
2. Across a Continent
3. The Edge of the East
4. Our Overseas Men
5. Some Earthquakes
6. Half-a-Dozen Pictures
7. Captains Courageous
8. On One Side Only
9. Leaves from a Winter Note-Book
10. Letters to the Family (1907)- :The Road to Quebec
11. A People at Home
12. Cities and Spaces
13. Newspapers and Democracy
14. Labour
15. The Fortunate Towns
16. Mountains and the Pacific
17. A Conclusion
18. Egypt of the Magicians (1913-) Sea Travel
19. A Return to the East
20. A Serpent of Old Nile
21. Up the River
22. Dead Kings
23. The Face of the Desert
24. The Riddle of Empire

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