Last Stroke cover

Last Stroke

Lawrence L. Lynch (1853-1914)

1. Something Wrong
2. Found
3. Nemesis
4. Ferrars
5. In Consultation
6. Which?
7. Renunciation
8. Trickery
9. A Letter
10. This Helps Me
11. Details
12. Ferriss-Grant
13. The Lake County Herald
14. A Ghost
15. Rebellion
16. Out Of Reach
17. Ruth Glidden
18. Sudden Flittings
19. Through The Mail
20. A Woman's Heart
21. Quarrelsome Harry
22. In Number Nine
23. Two Interviews
24. Mrs. Gaston Latham
25. The Last Stroke

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    Written by Chicago socialite, Emma Murdock Van Deventer, under the nom de plume of Lawrence L. Lynch, this detective story opens with the mysterious disappearance of schoolmaster, Mr. Brierly. The under-teacher and students set about finding him, but when his body is found, the mystery only deepens. Was it murder? What was the motive? He appeared to have no enemies.