Land of Frozen Suns cover

Land of Frozen Suns

Bertrand W. Sinclair (1881-1972)

1. 01 - The Genesis of Trouble
2. 02 - By Way of the "New Moon"
3. 03 - Which Shows That the Worm Does Not Always Turn
4. 04 - A Forthright Fighting-Man
5. 05 - The Relative Merits of the Frying-Pan and the Fire
6. 06 - Slowfoot George
7. 07 - The Seat of the Scornful
8. 08 - By Ways That Were Dark
9. 09 - Mr. Montell
10. 10 - "There's Money In It"
11. 11 - A Trick of the "Trade"
12. 12 - The First Move
13. 13 - A Foretaste of Strong Measures
14. 14 - Interest on a Debt
15. 15 - Strangers Twain
16. 16 - Claws Unsheathed
17. 17 - Nine Points of the Law
18. 18 - The Long Arm of the Company
19. 19 - The Strength of Men - and Their Weakness

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Bertrand W. Sinclair was known for his novels which centered in and around the rugged and frozen terrain of Montana and later, British Columbia. The Land of Frozen Suns is primarily an action and adventure novel which takes place near the northern most reaches of British Columbia at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Bob Sumner, after having been shanghaied onto a boat heading north up the Mississippi from his comfortable home town of St. Louis, is put to work on the "New Moon" and finds himself in the much less comfortable territory mentioned earlier, where he is forced to learn all about treachery, double-crossing, and finds his trust in fellow man questioned more often than he was accustomed to. At the same time, he finds himself needing to learn how to survive in an environment which seemed the antithesis to his old style of life.