Lady into Fox cover

Lady into Fox

David Garnett (1892-1981)

1. 01 - Mrs. Silvia Tebrick is all of a sudden a fox.
2. 02 - Mrs. Tebrick tries to adjust to being a woman in the form of a vixen
3. 03 - Mrs. Tebrick becomes more comfortable being a fox
4. 04 - The neighbors start to wonder where Mrs. Tebrick is
5. 05 - Mrs. Tebrick yearns to be outside like a wild fox.
6. 06 - Another fox enters the picture
7. 07 - Mr. Tebrick becomes jealous of the male fox.
8. 08 - The end comes to Mrs. Tebrick. Mr. Tebrick is devastated

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When Sylvia Tebrick, the 24-year-old wife of Richard Tebrick, suddenly turns into a fox while they are out walking in the woods, Mr. Tebrick sends away all the servants in an attempt to keep Sylvia's new nature a secret. Both then struggle to come to terms with the problems the change brings about.