Kings, Queens and Pawns: An American Woman at the Front cover

Kings, Queens and Pawns: An American Woman at the Front

Mary Roberts Rinehart (1876-1958)

1. For King and Country
2. Taking a Chance
3. 'Somewhere in France'
4. La Panne
5. ' 'Twas a Famous Victory '
6. A Talk with the King of the Belgians
7. The Cause
8. The Story with an End
9. The Night Raid on Dunkirk
10. No Man's Land
11. The Iron Division
12. At the House of the Barrier
13. Night in the Trenches
14. 'Wipers'
15. Lady Decie's Story
16. Running the Blockade
17. The Man of Ypres
18. In the Line of the 'Mitrailleuse'
19. French Guns in Action
20. 'I Nibble Them'
21. Dunkirk: From my Journal
22. Tea with the Air-Fighters
23. The Women at the Front
24. The Little 'Sick and Sorry' House
25. Flight
26. Volunteers and Patriots
27. A Luncheon at British Headquarters
28. A Strange Party
29. Sir John French
30. Along the Great Bethune Road
31. The Military Secret
32. Queen Mary of England
33. The Queen of The Belgians
34. The Red Badge of Mercy
35. In Terms of Life and Death
36. The Losing Game
37. How Americans Can Help
38. An Army of Children

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A personal account of the American author's visit to Europe in January 1915 while a war correspondent in Belgium for The Saturday Evening Post. She writes: "War is not two great armies meeting in a clash and frenzy of battle. It is much more than that. War is a boy carried on a stretcher, looking up at God's blue sky with bewildered eyes that are soon to close; war is a woman carrying a child that has been wounded by a shell; war is spirited horses tied in burning buildings and waiting for death; war is the flower of a race, torn, battered, hungry, bleeding, up to its knees in icy water; war is an old woman burning a candle before the Mater Dolorosa for the son she has given. For King and Country!"