The King Nobody Wanted cover

The King Nobody Wanted

Norman F. Langford

1. 01 Waiting
2. 02 A King is Born
3. 03 Growing
4. 04 Jesus Goes To Work
5. 05 A Busy Time
6. 06 Friends and Foes
7. 07 Slow To Understand
8. 08 Jesus is Strong
9. 09 Refusing A Crown
10. 10 The Way to Jerusalem
11. 11 Nearing The City
12. 12 In Jerusalem
13. 13 The Last Night
14. 14 The Last Day
15. 15 The Victorious King

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In a very real and interesting way, The King Nobody Wanted tells the story of Jesus. Where the actual words of the Bible are used, they are from the King James Version. But the greater part of the story is told in the words of every day. (Introduction by N. F. Langford)



- king nobody wanted

I enjoyed the story book format. What it should do for us readers is make us want to read the Word. I'm glad this was preserved for us 21st century readers. Thank you for reading Librivox volunteer!