Joyous Story of Toto cover

Joyous Story of Toto

Laura E. Richards (1850-1943)

1. The Lonely Grandmother
2. The Golden Breasted KooToo
3. The Honey Thief
4. Born in Africa
5. Chimborazo
6. Mrs. Bullfrog
7. The Traveller, The Cook, and the Little Old Man
8. The Tail of the Baron’s War-horse
9. The Nut Thieves
10. The Lost Prince of the Poles
11. The Rabbits’ Rinktum
12. Show Business Bear
13. Hokey Pokey
14. An Invitation

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Toto and his grandmother become friends with many of the Forest Folk (such as Bruin, Racoon, Woodchuck, and Cracker the Squirrel) in this first Toto book.