Journal of A Residence On A Georgian Plantation, 1838-1839 cover

Journal of A Residence On A Georgian Plantation, 1838-1839

Frances Anne Kemble (1809-1893)

1. Dedication/Preface/Journal
2. Journal (cont.)
3. Journal (cont.)
4. Journal (cont.)
5. Journal (cont.)
6. Journal (cont.)
7. Journal (cont.)
8. Journal (cont.)
9. Journal (cont.)
10. Journal (cont.)
11. Journal (cont.)
12. Journal (cont.)
13. Journal (cont.)
14. Journal (cont.)
15. Journal (cont.)
16. Journal (cont.)
17. Journal (cont.)
18. Journal (cont.)
19. Journal (cont.)
20. Journal (cont.)
21. Journal (cont.)
22. Journal (cont.)
23. Journal (cont.)
24. Journal (cont.)
25. Journal (cont.)
26. Journal (cont.)/Appendix
27. Appendix (cont.)
28. Appendix (cont.)

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Fanny Kemble was a British actress who married mega-plantation owner, Pierce Butler of Georgia. During her marriage she kept journals of everyday life, and after some years grew to detest the institution of slavery and the things Butler stood for. Kemble eventually divorced him, but it wasn't until after the Civil War had started that she published her journal about her observations and the experiences of the hundreds of African American slaves owned by her ex-husband.