John Stuart Mill; His Life and Works cover

John Stuart Mill; His Life and Works

Various (1833-1884)

1. 01 - A Sketch of His Life, Pt 1, by H. R. Fox Bourne
2. 02 - A Sketch of His Life, Pt. 2, by H. R. Fox Bourne
3. 03 - His Career in the India House by W. T. Thornton
4. 04 - His Moral Character by Herbert Spencer
5. 05 - His Botanical Studies by Henry Trimen
6. 06 - His Place as a Critic by W. Minto
7. 07 - His Work in Philosophy by J. H. Levy
8. 08 - His Studies in Morals and Jurisprudence by W. A. Hunter
9. 09 - His Work in Political Economy by J. E. Cairnes
10. 10 - His Influence at the Universities by Henry Fawcett
11. 11 - His Influence as a Practical Politician by Millicent Garrett Fawcett
12. 12 - His Relation to Positivism by Frederic Harrison
13. 13 - His Position as a Philosopher by W. A. Hunter

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This biography is actually a series of essays by prominent personalities of the time that shed light on John Stuart Mill's life and areas of endeavor. Those areas include his experiences in India House, his moral character, certain botanical explorations, how effective he was as a critic, studies in morals and the law, and discoveries concerning political economy. They also explore ideas concerning his influence on institutions of higher learning, accomplishments as a politician, and fame as a philosopher.