Jarwin and Cuffy cover

Jarwin and Cuffy

Robert Michael Ballantyne (1825-1894)

1. Adrift on the Ocean
2. Island Life
3. Communings of Man and Beast
4. Hopes and Fears and Stern Resolves Lead to Vigorous Action
5. Jarwin and Cuffy Fall into Bad Company
6. Our Hero Becomes a Favourite, and Entertains Hopes of Escape
7. Our Hero is Exposed to Severe Influences and Trying Circumstances
8. Despair is Followed by Surprises and Deliverance
9. The Last

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Jarwin is an English sailor who has been shipwrecked. He is stranded on a raft with only his dog Cuffy, and land is nowhere in sight. Their food and water is running out. What can Jarwin do to save his dog's (and his own) life?