Island Queen cover

Island Queen

Robert Michael Ballantyne (1825-1894)

1. Chapter 1: The Open Boat
2. Chapter 2: Wrecked on a Reef
3. Chapter 3: Explorations and Discoveries
4. Chapter 4: Difficulties Met and Overcome
5. Chapter 5: Stirring Events and Changes
6. Chapter 6: Shipwrecked Emigrants and Horrified Conspirators
7. Chapter 7: Treats of Big Island: A Great Fight and a Royal Family
8. Chapter 8: The Coronation—Crown-Making Deliberations, Ceremonials, and Catastrophes
9. Chapter 9: Shows how they were tormented by an Old Familiar Fiend; How they killed him, and what befell the Queen and Otto while in the Pursuit of Legitimate Pleasure
10. Chapter 10: Describes a Rescue, a Conspiracy, and a Trial
11. Chapter 11: Shows how the Queen Conducted herself in Trying Circumstances, and was Finally Dethroned
12. Chapter 12: Last Chapter

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The story of Dominic, Otto and Pauline Rigonda, three siblings who are blown onto an island after being shipwrecked, and are later joined by the immigrant passengers and crew of a ship that is wrecked on the same island. When the question of government comes up, the little colony chooses a queen, and they work on improving the island for some time, despite internal dissensions, and an attack by savages. But eventually the colony encounters natural forces it cannot resist, and the queen and her family return to England, hopefully to live "happily ever after".