Indian To-day cover

Indian To-day

Charles Alexander Eastman (1858-1939)

1. Biographical Note
2. Chapter 1 - The Indian as He Was
3. Chapter 2 - The How and the Why of Indian Wars
4. Chapter 3 - The Agency System: Its Uses and Abuses
5. Chapter 4 - The New Indian Policy
6. Chapter 5 - The Indian in School
7. Chapter 6 - The Indian at Home
8. Chapter 7 - The Indian as a Citizen
9. Chapter 8 - The Indian in College and the Professions
10. Chapter 9 - The Indian's Health Problem
11. Chapter 10 - Native Arts and Industries
12. Chapter 11 - The Indian's Gifts to the Nation

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Based in part upon the author's own observations and personal knowledge, it was the aim of the book to set forth the status and outlook of the North American Indian. He addressed issues such as Indian schools, health, government policy and agencies, and citizenship in this book. In connection with his writings, Eastman was in steady demand as a lecturer and public speaker with the purpose of interpreting his race to the present age.