Indian Child Life cover

Indian Child Life

Charles Alexander Eastman (1858-1939)

1. 00 - A Letter to the Children
2. 01 - The Pitiful Last
3. 02 - Early Hardships
4. 03 - An Indian Sugar Camp
5. 04 - Games and Sports
6. 05 - An Indian Boy's Training
7. 06 - The Boy Hunter
8. 07 - Evening in Tthe Lodge
9. 08 - Winona's Childhood
10. 09 - Winona's Girlhood
11. 10 - A midsummer Feast
12. 11 - The Faithfulness of Long Ears
13. 12 - Snana's Fawn
14. 13 Hakadah's First Offering
15. 14 - The Grave of the Dog

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The author was raised as an American Indian and describes what it was like to be an Indian boy (the first 7 chapters) and an Indian Girl (the last 7 chapters). This is very different from the slanted way the white man tried to picture them as 'savages' and 'brutes.'Quote: Dear Children:—You will like to know that the man who wrote these true stories is himself one of the people he describes so pleasantly and so lovingly for you. He hopes that when you have finished this book, the Indians will seem to you very real and very friendly. He is not willing that all your knowledge of the race that formerly possessed this continent should come from the lips of strangers and enemies, or that you should think of them as blood-thirsty and treacherous, as savage and unclean.