In Times Like These cover

In Times Like These

Nellie McClung (1873-1951)

1. Dedications
2. I - The War That Never Ends
3. II - The War That Ends in Exhaustion Sometimes Mistaken For Peace
4. III - What Do Women Think of War? (Not That It Matters)
5. IV - Should Women Think?
6. V - The New Chivalry
7. VI - Hardy Perennials!
8. VII - Gentle Lady
9. VIII - Women and the Church
10. IX - The Sore Thought
11. X - The Land of the Fair Deal
12. XI - As A Man Thinketh
13. XII - The War Against Gloom

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" Believing that the woman's claim to a common humanity is not an unreasonable one, and that the successful issue of such claim rests primarily upon the sense of fair play which people have or have not according to how they were born, and Therefore to men and women everywhere who love a fair deal, and are willing to give it to everyone, even women, this book is respectfully dedicated by the author."