In Our Convent Days cover

In Our Convent Days

Agnes Repplier (1855-1950)

1. 1 - Introduction
2. 2 - Marianus
3. 3 - On the Convent Stage
4. 4 - In Retreat
5. 5 - Un Conge sans Cloche
6. 6 - Marriage Vows
7. 7 - Reverend Mother's Feast
8. 8 - The Game of Love

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With her usual wit and charm, Ms. Repplier recalls her days at Eden Hall, the Convent of the Sacred Heart in Torresdale, north of Philadelphia. She shares the highlights (and some of the low lights) of her time there. Perhaps this sharp eye, nurtured by her willfulness and independent spirit, was the reason she was not invited to return to Eden after her second year. Not only Catholics or boarding school alumnae will find this book entertaining; anyone who went to school or who looks back on their childhood will see their own experience somewhere in this memoir.