Hurlbut's Story of the Bible cover

Hurlbut's Story of the Bible

Jesse Lyman Hurlbut (1843-1930)

1. 00 – Introduction
2. 01 – The Story of a Beautiful Garden
3. 02 – The First Baby in the World and His Brother
4. 03 – The Great Ship that Saved Eight People
5. 04 – The Tower That Never Was Finished
6. 05 – The Story of a Long Journey
7. 06 – How Abram’s Choice Brought Blessing
8. 07 – The Angel by the Well
9. 08 – The Rain of Fire That Fell on a City
10. 09 – The Boy Who Became an Archer
11. 10 – How an Angel’s Voice Saved a Boy’s Life
12. 11 – The Story of a Journey after a Wife
13. 12 – How Jacob Stole His Brother’s Blessing
14. 13 – Jacob’s Wonderful Dream
15. 14 – A Midnight Wrestling Match
16. 15- The Rich Man’s Son Who Was Sold as a Slave
17. 16 – From the Prison to the Palace
18. 17 – How Joseph’s Dream Came True
19. 18 – A Lost Brother Found
20. 19 – From the Land of Famine to the Land of Plenty
21. 20 – The Beautiful Baby Who Was Found in a River
22. 21 – The Voice from the Burning Bush
23. 22 - The River That Ran Blood
24. 23 – The Night When a Nation Was Born
25. 24 – How the Sea Became Dry Land, and the Sky Rained Bread
26. 25 – The Mountain That Smoked and Words That Were Spoke
27. 26 – How Aaron Made a Golden Calf and What Became of It
28. 27 – The Tent Where God Lived Among His People
29. 28 – How They Worshipped God in the Tabernacle
30. 29 – What Strong Drink Brought to Aaron’s Sons
31. 30 – The Scapegoat in the Wilderness
32. 31 – The Cluster of Grapes From the Land of Canaan
33. 32 – How the Long Journey of the Israelites Came to an End
34. 33 – What a Wise Man Learned from an Ass
35. 34 – How Moses Looked upon the Promised Land
36. 35 – The Story of Job

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As a parent, many of us would like our children to be familiar with our sacred books, no matter to which religion or faith we belong. However, very young children may find the language and the ideas quite difficult to assimilate. Yet the stories are so memorable and valuable that we want our children to know them as early as possible. Published in 1905, Hurlbut's Story of The Bible – 1 is a wonderful compilation of some of the most important and delightful stories to be found in both the Old and New Testaments. Beginning with the Creation, it goes on to relate 168 different stories in a style and language most suited for children between the ages of 6 and 12. Parents can also read the tales aloud to younger children or the older ones can read them to their little siblings. The book is also ideal for an informal Bible study class at home or at Sunday School. The narrative is in sequential form, but each story can be read as an independent one. This is the ideal way to provide early exposure to the Greatest Story Ever Told. The interesting feature about Hurlbut's Story of The Bible is that it omits some of the tales that may be difficult for a young mind to comprehend or for parents to explain to a young child. Jesse Lyman Hurlbut was an American clergyman who devoted much of his time, skills and effort to Biblical research and making the Bible accessible to young and old alike. Some of his works focus on the geography and history of biblical lands, while others impart knowledge about teacher training in biblical studies. He also lent his expertise to making works like John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress available to younger readers. A great introduction to The Bible, presented in a simple and enjoyable way!



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the story was not descriptive enough