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John Buchan (1875-1940)

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Dickson McCunn, a respectable, newly retired grocer, plans a walking holiday in the hills of south-west Scotland. He meets a young English poet and finds himself in the thick of a plot involving the kidnapping of a Russian princess, who is held prisoner in the rambling mansion, Huntingtower. This modern fairy-tale is also a gripping adventure story.



Enjoyed this very!


- Huntingtower

A good story and a good narrator when he is not attempting an accent, as I found some of that incomprehensible.

andy wogan

- huntingtower

Great story, excellent reader


- Loved it!!

I have a new favorite author... John Buchan. And the reader of this wonderful tale does a splendid job! His characterizations were spot on.


- Excellent!

Great story - the Scots brogue really makes it entertaining.


- Ripping good tale!

Great period mystery, Buchan is a great storyteller.