How to Care for the Insane cover

How to Care for the Insane

William D. Granger

1. 00 - Note to the Second Edition and Introduction
2. 01 - Chapter I
3. 02 - Chapter II
4. 03 - Chapter III
5. 04 - Chapter IV
6. 05 - Chapter V
7. 06 - Chapter VI
8. 07 - Chapter VII
9. 08 - Chapter VIII
10. 09 - Chapter IX
11. 10 - Chapter X

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"The writer believes that all attendants should be regularly instructed in their duties, and the highest standard of care can be reached only when this is done. He also believes that every person who is allowed to care for the insane will be greatly benefited by such instruction, and will be able to learn every thing taught, if the teacher uses simple methods and is patient to instruct."As this manual was originally written in 1886, the basic medical instruction IS out-of-date and should not be used to diagnose any medical problem, nor should be used in the case of an emergency. It has been recorded for entertainment purposes only!