How I Know God Answers Prayer cover

How I Know God Answers Prayer

Rosalind Goforth (1864-1942)

1. Forward
2. Getting Things from God
3. Early Lessons in the Life of Faith
4. Go Forward on Your Knees
5. A God-given Field
6. Our Deliverance from the Boxers
7. Proving God's Faithfulness
8. The Story of One Furlough
9. Our God of the Impossible
10. To His Praise!
11. Victory Found

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This book is a testimony of how powerful prayer is, how God answers every prayer, even if it is not just how we want it answered. Rosalind Goforth was a missionary to China with her husband and children. She had many, many opportunities to prove God's faithfulness and he never failed her if she was willing to trust him and put her every problem and difficulty in his hands. Her life is a wonderful testimony of what prayer can do!