The House of the Wolfings cover

The House of the Wolfings

William Morris (1834-1896)

1. 01 - The Dwellings of Mid-Mark
2. 02 - The Flitting of the War-Arrow
3. 03 - Thiodolf Talketh with the Wood-Sun
4. 04 - The House Fareth to the War
5. 05 - Concerning the Hall-Sun
6. 06 - They Talk on the Way to the Folk-Thing
7. 07 - They Gather to the Folk-Mote
8. 08 - The Folk-Mote of the Markmen
9. 09 - The Ancient Man of the Daylings
10. 10 - That Carline Cometh to the Roof of the Wolfings
11. 11 - The Hall-Sun Speaketh
12. 12 - Tidings of the Battle in Mirkwood
13. 13 - The Hall-Sun Saith Another Word
14. 14 - The Hall-Sun is Careful Concerning the Passes of the Wood
15. 15 - They Hear Tell of the Battle on the Ridge
16. 16 - How the Dwarf-wrought Hauberk was Brought Away from the Hall of the Daylings
17. 17 - The Wood-Sun Speaketh with Thiodolf
18. 18 - Tidings brought to the Wain-Burg
19. 19 - Those messengers come to Thiodolf
20. 20 - Otter and His Folk Come Into Mid-Mark
21. 21 - They Bicker About the Ford
22. 22 - Otter Falls On Against His Will
23. 23 - Thiodolf Meeteth the Romans in the Wolfing Meadow
24. 24 - The Goths are Overthrown by the Romans
25. 25 - The Host of the Markmen Cometh into the Wild-Wood
26. 26 - Thiodolf Talketh with the Wood-Sun
27. 27 - They Wend to the Morning Battle
28. 28 - Of the Storm of Dawning
29. 29 - Of Thiodolf's Storm
30. 30 - Thiodolf is Borne out of the Hall and Otter is Laid Beside Him
31. 31 - Old Asmund Speaketh over the War-Dukes: The Dead are Laid in Mound

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William Morris (1834-1896) was a writer, illustrator and medievalist from the Romantic period and associated with other renowned authors of the time such as Dante Rossetti. His fascination with ancient Germanic and Norse people dominated his writings, the first to be set in an entirely invented fantasy world and which helped to establish the fantasy genre.The House of Wolfings (1890), some argue, is a demonstration of Morris' socialism as the society described, though not an utopia, is clan-based, elects leaders and makes decisions in clan tribal meetings. Notwithstanding, it tells the story of how Thiodolf and his clan - the Wolfings - fight and vanquish the Roman invaders. The book is built with Morris' knowledge of the historical period and his own idealistic views, which allow him to combine facts and mythical elements. Thiodolf is protected by a dwarfish coat of mail, given to him by his lover Wood Sun, herself one of the Vala, the immortals. But things are not what they seem and what is meant to protect him, is also a curse...