The House by the Lock cover

The House by the Lock

Alice Muriel Williamson (1869-1933)

1. 01 – The Lady in the Stage Box
2. 02 – The Man With the Pale Eyes
3. 03 – A Dead Man’s Hand
4. 04 – The House by the Lock
5. 05 – Was It a Mystery?
6. 06 – An Adventure in the Park
7. 07 – Friends
8. 08 – An Announcement
9. 09 – Too Late
10. 10 – “If He Had Committed a Crime”
11. 11 – Wildred Scores
12. 12 – Karine’s Engagement Ring
13. 13 – “Kismet and Miss Cunningham”
14. 14 – An Extra Special
15. 15 – A Mystery of the Thames
16. 16 – Information Laid by Carson Wildred
17. 17 – A Disappointment
18. 18 – A Desperate Remedy
19. 19 – “Not at Home”
20. 20 – The Quest
21. 21 – A Picture From the Past
22. 22 – Face To Face
23. 23 – A Counterfeit Presentment
24. 24 – Fire!
25. 25 – “It’s Dogged as Does It”
26. 26 – A Tell-Tale Ornament
27. 27 – Too Late!
28. 28 – A Wild-Goose Chase
29. 29 – At the House by the Lock
30. 30 – Conclusion

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What secrets lay within the walls of the house by the lock? What secrets, if any, are held by the man who owns that mysterious house?A body is found in a backwater creek not far from the house by the lock, but what leads Noel Stanton on a quest to determine who the killer might be is more than merely the disappearance of his American friend Harvey Farnham. He has reason to believe that the wealthy and influential owner of the house, Carson Wildred, might somehow be implicated in the coincidental disappearance and murder. But as Stanton’s search progresses, he learns that his friend is safe and sound back in the U.S. and he therefore must learn more about the house itself with its peculiar construction, it’s hidden passageways, and the peculiar smoke occasionally seen rising from its inaccessible areas. But everything is accounted for by the police, the servants, and Mr. Wildred during his investigation, leaving a most strange mystery left for Stanton to unravel. (Introduction by Roger Melin)



- The House by the Lock

A good story with a couple of clever twists. Very well narrated (as always) by Roger Melin.


- Exciting

This was a really fun story. A little typical in some ways, but entertaining nonetheless. It was narrated by one of my favorite readers, who also did The Valley of the Giants (possibly my favorite find on this site). As with that story, he does a great job narrating here, too.


- Well narrated

Good Story well narrated.