House Behind the Cedars cover

House Behind the Cedars

Charles Waddell Chesnutt (1858-1932)

1. A Stranger From South Carolina
2. An Evening Visit
3. The Old Judge
4. Down The River
5. The Tournament
6. The Queen of Love and Beauty
7. 'Mid New Surroundings
8. The Courtship
9. Doubts And Fears
10. The Dream
11. A Letter and A Journey
12. Tryon Goes To Patesville
13. An Injudicious Payment
14. A Loyal Friend
15. Mine Own People
16. The Bottom Falls Out
17. Two Letters
18. Under The Old Regime
19. God Made Us All
20. Digging Up Roots
21. A Gilded Opportunity
22. Imperative Business
23. The Guest of Honor
24. Swing Your Partners
25. Balance All
26. The Schoolhouse In The Woods
27. An Interesting Acquaintance
28. The Lost Knife
29. Plato Earns Half A Dollar
30. An Unusual Honor
31. In Deep Waters
32. The Power of Love
33. A Mule And A Cart

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In this, Chesnutt's first novel, he tells the tragic story of love set against a backdrop of racism, miscegenation and “passing” during the period spanning the antebellum and reconstruction eras in American history. And through his use of the vernacular prevalent in the South of that time, Chesnutt lent a compassionate voice to a group that America did not want to hear. More broadly, however, Chesnutt illustrated, in this character play, the vast and perhaps insurmountable debt this country continues to pay for the sins of slavery.