A Horse's Tale cover

A Horse's Tale

Mark Twain (1835-1910)

1. 00 Acknowledgements
2. 01 Chapter I – Soldier Boy – Privately to Himself
3. 02 Chapter II – Letter from Rouen – To General Alison
4. 03 Chapter III – General Alison to His Mother
5. 04 Chapter IV – Cathy to Her Aunt Mercedes
6. 05 Chapter V – General Alison to Mercedes
7. 06 Chapter VI – Soldier Boy and the Mexican Plug
8. 07 Chapter VII – Soldier Boy and Shekels
9. 08 Chapter VIII – The Scout-Start. BB and Lieutenant-General Alison
10. 09 Chapter IX – Soldier Boy and Shekels Again
11. 10 Chapter X – General Alison and Dorcas
12. 11 Chapter XI – Several Months Later. Antonio and Thorndike
13. 12 Chapter XII – Mongrel and the Other Horse
14. 13 Part II – In Spain — Chapter XIII – General Alison to His Mother
15. 14 Chapter XIV – Soldier Boy – To Himself
16. 15 Chapter XV – General Alison to Mrs. Drake, the Colonel’s Wife

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A Horse’s Tale is a novel by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens), written partially in the voice of Soldier Boy, who is Buffalo Bill’s favorite horse, at a fictional frontier outpost with the U.S. 7th Cavalry. With a fanciful mix of points of view, we hear the story of Cathy and her relationship with Soldier Boy and the soldiers of the 7th Cavalry. A surprisingly graphic depiction of a Spanish bullfight leaves no doubt where Mark Twain’s sympathies lie. (Introduction by John Greenman & Wikipedia)