Ward No. 6 cover

Ward No. 6

Anton Chekhov (1860-1904)

1. Chapters 01-02
2. Chapters 03-04
3. Chapter 05
4. Chapter 06
5. Chapters 07-08
6. Chapter 09
7. Chapter 10
8. Chapters 11-12
9. Chapters 13-14
10. Chapter 15
11. Chapters 16-17
12. Chapters 18-19

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The line between sanity and insanity is blurred in this classic novella by Anton Chekhov. The disillusioned idealist Dr. Rabin is in charge of a provincial lunatic asylum, overseeing with weary, dubious policies a motley group of patients, a group that mirrors in microcosm all of human and especially Russian society. Seeking answers to profound questions, Dr. Rabin enters into dialogues with both staff members and patients, trying to make sense out of what has become of his life, until it becomes less and less clear who is the doctor and who is the patient. Written with obvious reformist concerns about the dehumanization of "lunatics," the story is also a harrowing parable about the meaning of human existence.