Hoosier Schoolmaster cover

Hoosier Schoolmaster

Edward Eggleston (1837-1902)

1. Preface
2. A Private Lesson from a Bulldog
3. A Spell Coming
4. Mirandy, Hank, and Shocky
5. Spelling Down the Master
6. The Walk Home
7. A Night at Pete Jones's
8. Ominous Remarks of Mr. Jones
9. The Struggle in the Dark
10. Has God Forgotten Shocky?
11. The Devil of Silence
12. Miss Martha Hawkins
13. The Hardshell Preacher
14. A Struggle for the Mastery
15. A Crisis with Bud
16. The Church of the Best Licks
17. The Church Militant
18. A Council of War
19. Odds and Ends
20. Face to Face
21. God Remembers Shocky
22. Miss Nancy Sawyer
23. Pancakes
24. A Charitable Institution
25. The Good Samaritan
26. Bud Wooing
27. A Letter and its Consequences
28. A Loss and a Gain
29. The Flight
30. The Trial
31. "Brother Sodom"
32. The Trial Concluded
33. After the Battle
34. Into the Light
35. "How It Came Out"

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"Want to be a school-master, do you? You? Well, what would you do in Flat Crick deestrick, I'd like to know? Why, the boys have driv off the last two, and licked the one afore them like blazes. You might teach a summer school, when nothin' but children come. But I 'low it takes a right smart man to be school-master in Flat Crick in the winter. They'd pitch you out of doors, sonny, neck and heels, afore Christmas."