The Homely Heroine cover

The Homely Heroine

Edna Ferber (1885-1968)

1. 1 - The Homely Heroine
2. 2 - A Bush League Hero
3. 3 - What She Wore
4. 4 - The Man Who Came Back

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Who ever heard of a plain and downright homely heroine? Isn't a heroine by definition beautiful? Well, Edna Ferber, in her well known style that later produced Show Boat and Giant, tells us about just such a heroine in the first of these four special short stories. They are special to me because of their insight into the deep courage and faith of 'ordinary' people, people like most of us. And of course our failings and frailties and sometimes, the prince does not marry the right person. The other stories are A Bush League Hero, What she Wore and The Man Who Came Back.