Holladay Case cover

Holladay Case

Burton Egbert Stevenson (1872-1962)

1. Chapter I - A Bolt from the Blue
2. Chapter II - In the Grip of Circumstance
3. Chapter III - The Coil Tightens
4. Chapter IV - I Have an Inspiration
5. Chapter V - I Dine with a Fascinating Stranger
6. Chapter VI - Godfrey's Panegyric
7. Chapter VII - Miss Holladay Becomes Capricious
8. Chapter VIII - The Mysterious Maid
9. Chapter IX - I Meet Monsieur Martigny
10. Chapter X - An Astonishing Disappearance
11. Chapter XI - I Unmask My Enemy
12. Chapter XII - At the Cafe Jourdain
13. Chapter XIII - En Voyage
14. Chapter XIV - I Prove a Bad Sentinel
15. Chapter XV - Two Heads are Better than One
16. Chapter XVI - I Beard the Lion
17. Chapter XVII - Etretat
18. Chapter XVIII - The Veil is Lifted
19. Chapter XIX - The End of the Story

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Stevenson's introduction of the protagonist Lester (law clerk with New York firm Graham & Royce) finds him occupying a front row seat in the murder trial of Wall Street multi-millionaire Hiram Holladay. Scandalously, suspicion points very solidly on the banker's loving daughter, Frances. Lester proves himself a useful aide to the firm's senior partner, Mr. Royce, in his attempt to prove the lovely Frances innocent.