History of the World War cover

History of the World War

Francis Andrew March (1863-1926)

1. A War for International Freedom
2. The World Suddenly Turned Upside Down
3. Why the World Went to War
4. The Plotter Behind the Scenes
5. The Great War Begins
6. The Trail of the Beast in Belgium
7. The First Battle of the Marne
8. Japan in the War
9. Campaign in the East
10. Struggle for Supremacy on the Sea
11. The Sublime Porte
12. Rescue of the Starving
13. Britinnia Rules the Waves
14. New Methods and Horrors of Warfare
15. German Plots and Propaganda in America
16. Sinking of the Lusitania
17. Neuve Chapelle and War in Blood-Soaked Trenches
18. Steadfast South Africa
19. Italy Declares War on Austria
20. Glorious Gallipoli
21. The Greatest Naval Battle in History
22. The Russian Campaign
23. How the Balkans Decided
24. The Campaign in Mesopotamia
25. Canada's Part in the Great War
26. Immortal Verdun
27. Murders and Martyrs
28. The Second Battle of Ypres
29. Zeppelin Raids on France and England
30. Red Revolution in Russia
31. The Descent to Bolshevism
32. Germany's Object Lesson to the United States
33. America Transformed by War
34. How Food Won the War
35. The United States Navy in the War
36. China Joins the Fighting Democracies
37. The Defeat and Recovery of Italy
38. Redemption of the Holy Land
39. America's Transportation Problems
40. Ships and the Men Who Made Them
41. Germany's Dying Desperate Effort
42. Chateau-Thierry, Field of Glory
43. England and France Strike in the North
44. Belgium's Gallant Effort
45. Italy's Terrific Drive
46. Bulgaria Deserts Germany
47. The Central Empires Whine for Peace
48. Battles in the Air
49. Health and Happiness of the American Forces
50. The Pirates of the Under-Seas
51. Approaching the Final Stage
52. Last Days of the War
53. The Drastic Terms of Surrender
54. Peace at Last
55. America's Position in Peace and War
56. The War by Years
57. Behind America's Battle Line
58. General Pershing's Own Story
59. President Wilson's Review of the War
60. Summarized Chronology of the War

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This is a popular narrative history of the world's greatest war. Written frankly from the viewpoint of the United States and the Allies, it visualizes the bloodiest and most destructive conflict of all the ages from its remote causes to its glorious conclusion and beneficent results.Two ideals have been before us in the preparation of this necessary work. These are simplicity and thoroughness. It is of no avail to describe the greatest of human events if the description is so confused that the reader loses interest. Thoroughness is an historical essential beyond price. So it is that official documents prepared in many instances upon the field of battle, and others taken from the files of the governments at war, are the basis of this work. All that has gone into war making, into the regeneration of the world, are herein set forth with historical particularity. The stark horrors of Belgium, the blighting terrors of chemical warfare, the governmental restrictions placed upon hundreds of millions of civilians, the war sacrifices falling upon all the civilized peoples of earth, are in these pages. (From the Forward)