History of Emily Montague Vol 1 (Dramatic Reading) cover

History of Emily Montague Vol 1 (Dramatic Reading)

Frances Moore Brooke (1724-1789)

1. Letters 1-6
2. Letters 7-12
3. Letters 13-18
4. Letters 19-24
5. Letters 25-30
6. Letters 31-36
7. Letters 37-42
8. Letters 43-48
9. Letters 49-54

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The novel takes place 10 years after the Battle of the Plains of Abraham in 1759 when Quebec becomes a British colony. Written as a collection of letters, the story follows the relationships between Edward Rivers (a British soldier), his friend, John Temple (rather a cad), Emily Montague (a young British woman), and her dearest friend, Arabella Fermor (a flirtatious drama queen). Giving glimpses into the new frontier discoveries of Canada, one not only peeks into the personal relationships of these characters but gets swept away by the enticing descriptions of the "new world." This is Volume 1 out of 4.