Historic Boyhoods cover

Historic Boyhoods

Rupert S. Holland (1878-1952)

1. Christopher Columbus The Boy of Genoa: 1446(?)-1506
2. Michael Angelo The Boy of the Medici Gardens: 1475-1564
3. Walter Raleigh The Boy of Devon: 1552-1618
4. Peter the Great The Boy of the Kremlin: 1672-1725
5. Frederick the Great The Boy of Potsdam: 1712-1788
6. George Washington The Boy of the Old Dominion: 1732-1799
7. Daniel Boone The Boy of the Frontier: 1735-1820
8. John Paul Jones The Boy of the Atlantic: 1747-1792
9. Mozart The Boy of Salzburg: 1756-1791
10. Lafayette The Boy of Versailles: 1757-1834
11. Horatio Nelson The Boy of the Channel Fleet: 1758-1805
12. Robert Fulton The Boy of the Conestoga: 1765-1815
13. Andrew Jackson The Boy of the Carolinas: 1767-1845
14. Napoleon Bonaparte The Boy of Brienne: 1769-1821
15. Walter Scott The Boy of the Canongate: 1771-1832
16. James Fenimore Cooper The Boy of Otsego Hall: 1789-1851
17. John Ericsson The Boy of the Göta Canal: 1803-1889
18. Garibaldi The Boy of the Mediterranean: 1807-1882
19. Abraham Lincoln The Boy of the American Wilderness: 1809-1865
20. Charles Dickens The Boy of the London Streets: 1812-1870
21. Otto von Bismarck The Boy of Göttingen: 1815-1898

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Most boys grow up to be honest, maybe even good, men, but do not stand out from the crowd. Occasionally, along comes a boy who is destined, either by character or circumstance, to make his mark on the world. In this work are included 21 biographical sketches of boys who became famous in the arts, affairs of state or exploration and discovery. Historical fact is blended with surmise and imagination to bring these boyhoods alive.