His First and Last Appearance cover

His First and Last Appearance

Francis J. Finn (1859-1928)

1. 01 - Showing How Philip Lachance Sing a Song, How He is Rewarded, and How Policeman Spencer is Troubled by the Presence on His Beat by a Very Suspicious Character
2. 02 - Showing How Philip and Mr. Dunne, Becoming Friends, Pass an Agreeable Half Hour and How Mr. Dunne Gets an Idea, Which He Discreetly Keeps to Himself
3. 03 - In Which the Reader, Going Back to the Month of November, and the City of New York, is Witness to a Music Lesson that was Never Finished
4. 04 - In Which Isobel Lachance Finds and Loses Her Vocation
5. 05 - In Which Mrs. Lachance Gives Isobel a Strange Order, and Dies
6. 06 - In Which Isobel Announces Her Resolution, and Professor Himmelstein Creates a Scene
7. 07 - In Which the Lachances Make Their Farewells and Go to Milwaukee
8. 08 - In Which Philip Tells Isobel About Mr. Dunne, and, Finding a Dollar in His Pocket, Thinks Himself Rich
9. 09 - The Concert, the Face at the Window, and the Mystery of the Overcoats
10. 10 - Isobel's Hour of Desolation
11. 11 - A Morning Walk with Surprising Results, Which, As the reader Shall Presently Learn, Have Much to do With the Fates and Fortunes of the Lachances
12. 12 - In Which Some Very Pleasant Characters Make Their Appearance, and the Day, Begun So Sadly, Is Ushed Out to the Merry Jingle of Sleigh-Bells and the Happy Laughter of Joyous Youth
13. 13 - Farewell to Milwaukee! The 'Anarchist' Again Attracts Attention
14. 14 - Philip Meets an Old Friend, and Gets a Surprise Which Literally Takes Away His Breath
15. 15 - In Which Professor Himmelstein Gives an Account of Himself and Restores Philip to Perfect Good Humor
16. 16 - In Which Marion Philippo is Prepared to Astound a Most Cultured Milkwaukee Audience
17. 17 - An Old Friend Appears on the Scene Again, and the Audience is Treated to its First Pleasant Surprise
18. 18 - In Which the Audience is Surprised Beyond the Wildest Dreams of Professor Himmelstein, and Philip is the Most Astounded Boy That Ever Sang in Public on the Stage
19. 19 - A Chapter of Recognitian and Surprises, Philip Decides to Remain in Milwaukee, and Isoble Gets a Gladsome Message
20. 20 - In Which There is a Joyful Homecoming, and Mr. Hammond, Obeying His Grandchild, Arises and Goes to His Father's House
21. 21 - Isobel Hears the Angels Calling

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The scene of the story is laid partly in Milwaukee, partly in New York. It describes the trials of the orphaned Lachance children. The boy hero is of a loving and lovable disposition and wins the hearts of all. The author has combined pathetic incidents with religious consolations, and gives zest to the whole by diffusing his genial humor throughout.From the author of Tom Playfair, Percy Wynn, But Thy Love and thy Grace, and many more.