Highacres (Dramatic Reading) cover

Highacres (Dramatic Reading)

Jane D. Abbott (1881-1968)

1. Kettle Mountain
2. SunnySide
3. On the Road to Cobble
4. The Westleys
5. Jerry's Wish Comes True
6. New Faces
7. Highacres
8. School
9. The Secret Door
10. The Debate
11. Aunt Maria
12. The Party
13. Haskin's Hill
14. The Prize
15. Cupid and Company
16. For the Honor of the School
17. Disgrace
18. The Ravens Clean the Tower
19. The Letter
20. The Family Councils
21. Poor Isobel
22. Jerry Wins Her Way
23. The Third Violinist
24. Plans
25. The Lincoln Award
26. Commencement
27. Craig Winton
28. Her Mother's Story
29. The Wishing-Rock

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The story of a young mountain girl and her first year of city living and going to a high school. She knows nothing of town life, but she had dreams and longs to learn more and discover what the world is like outside of her mountain home. Go with her to the Westley's home, where she finds everyone kind, except the Wesley's oldest daughter, Isobel, who is proud and snubs her. With determination, and courage she enjoys her first year, and longs to continue at Highacres.