Hide and Seek cover

Hide and Seek

Wilkie Collins (1824-1889)

1. Preface to the revised edition
2. Opening Chapter. A child's sunday
3. Book I - Chapter I. A new neighborhood, and a strange character
4. Book I - Chapter II. Mr. Blyth in his studio
5. Book I - Chapter III. Madonna's childhood
6. Book I - Chapter IV. Madonna's mother
7. Book I - Chapter V. Madonna's misfortune
8. Book I - Chapter VI. Madonna goes to London
9. Book I - Chapter VII. Madonna in her new home
10. Book I - Chapter VIII. Mentor and Telemachus
11. Book I - Chapter IX. The tribulations of Zack
12. Book I - Chapter X. Mr Blyth's drawing academy
13. Book I - Chapter XI. The brewing of the storm
14. Book II - Chapter I. The man with the black skull-cap
15. Book II - Chapter II. The prodigal's return
16. Book II - Chapter III. The search begun
17. Book II - Chapter IV. Fate works, with Zack for an instrument
18. Book II - Chapter V. Fate works, with Mr. Blyth for an instrument
19. Book II - Chapter VI. The finding of the clue
20. Book II - Chapter VII. The box of letters
21. Book II - Chapter VIII. Joanna Grice's narrative
22. Book II - Chapter IX. More discoveries
23. Book II - Chapter X. The squaw's mixture
24. Book II - Chapter XI. The garden door
25. Book II - Chapter XII. The hair bracelet
26. Book II - Chapter XIII. The search for Arthur Carr
27. Book II - Chapter XIV. Mary's grave
28. Book II - Chapter XV. The discovery of Arthur Carr
29. Book II - Chapter XVI. The day of reckoning
30. Book II - Chapter XVII. Matthew Grice's revenge
31. Closing Chapter. A year and a half afterwards

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The artist Valentine Blyth has a very generous heart. He lovingly cares for his invalid wife, rescues a deaf orphan girl from maltreatment in a traveling circus and adopts her, and mentors a young man who gets in trouble with his tyrannical father. The girl, who received the nickname ‚Madonna’, falls in love with the young man, Zack. Because one of Valentine’s biggest fears is that Madonna’s blood relations will one day trace her and take her away from his home, he keeps the little that he knows of her origins a strict secret. One day, Zack befriends a mysterious stranger, who has just returned from years of rough life in the American wilderness. From that moment, the plot thickens, in mid-19th century dramatic style. This is Wilkie Collins’ third published novel (1854, read from the 1861 edition).



- Such a great story!

Loved listening to this book - the narrator did a great job and the plot and characters were intriguing. I was happy to find another Wilkie Collins novel as he is a favorite of mine. Enjoy!