Herapath Property cover

Herapath Property

Joseph Smith Fletcher (1863-1935)

1. Jacob Herapath is Missing
2. Is it Murder?
3. Barthrope Takes Charge
4. The Pressman
5. The Glass and the Sandwich
6. The Taxi-Cab Driver
7. Is there a Will?
8. The Second Witness
9. Greek Against Greek
10. Mr. Benjamin Halfpenny
11. The Shadow
12. For Ten Percent
13. Adjourned
14. The Scottish Verdict
15. Young Brains
16. Nameless Fear
17. The Law
18. The Rosewood Box
19. Weaving the Net
20. The Diamond Ring
21. The Deserted Flat
22. Yea and Nay
23. The Accusation
24. Cold Steel
25. Professional Analysis
26. The Remand Prison
27. The Last Cheque
28. The Hotel Ravenna
29. The Note in the Prayer-Book
30. The White-Haired Lady
31. The Interrupted Dinner-Party
32. The Yorkshire Proverb
33. Burchill Fills the Stage
34. Davidge's Trump Card
35. The Second Warrant

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Jacob Herapath, a wealthy property developer and member of Parliament, is found dead in his office, a revolver at his side and a bullet wound to the head. An allegedly forged Will deepens the mystery. An intriguing puzzle with plenty of twists and turns.