Henry Dunbar cover

Henry Dunbar

Mary Elizabeth Braddon (1835-1915)

1. After Office Hours In The House of Dunbar, Dunbar, and Balderby
2. Margaret's Father
3. The Meeting At The Railway Station
4. The Stroke Of Death
5. Sinking The Past
6. Clement Austin's Diary
7. After Five-and-Thirty Years
8. The First Stage On The Journey Home
9. How Henry Dunbar Waited Dinner
10. Laura Dunbar
11. The Inquest
12. Arrested
13. The Prisoner Is Remanded
14. Margaret's Journey
15. Baffled
16. Is It Love Or Fear?
17. The Broken Picture
18. Three Who Suspect
19. Laura Dunbar's Disappointment
20. New Hopes May Bloom
21. A New Life
22. The Steeple-Chase
23. The Bride That The Rain Rains On
24. The Unbidden Guest Who Came To Laura Dunbar's Wedding
25. After The Wedding
26. What Happened In The Back Parlor Of The Banking-House
27. Clement Austin's Wooing
28. Buying Diamonds
29. Going Away
30. Stopped Upon The Way
31. Clement Austin Makes A Sacrifice
32. What Happened At Maudesley Abbey
33. Margaret's Return
34. Farewell
35. A Discovery At The Luxembourg
36. Looking For The Portrait
37. Margaret's Letter
38. Notes From A Journal Kept By Clement Austin During His Journey To Winchester
39. Clement Austin's Journal Continued
40. Flight
41. At Maudesley Abbey
42. The Housmaid At Woodbine Cottage
43. On The Track
44. Chasing The "Crow"
45. Giving It Up
46. Clement's Story - Before The Dawn
47. The Dawn and Epilogue

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    In this novel by Victorian sensationalist Mary Elizabeth Braddon, Henry Dunbar returns to England after a 30-year exile to India for committing forgery. What follows is an adventure involving murder, deception, the ethical quandaries of guilt and responsibility, and the struggle against the gender and social barriers of the Victorian era.