Hellhounds of  the Cosmos cover

Hellhounds of the Cosmos

Clifford Simak (1904-1988)

1. 1 - Part 1
2. 2 - Part 2
3. 3 - Part 3
4. 4 - Part 4

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From Astounding Stories of 1932. Earth is being attacked by horrible black monsters that appear from nowhere and destroy and kill everything and everyone in their paths. Nothing affects them, nothing stops them; they are impervious to all weapons. Earth is doomed. But there is one hope and it rests on the shoulders of 98 brave men. Can they do it? can they find a way of retaliating? Listen and find out.



- Thanks to Mr. Chenevert

"Hello Phil" is what I say out loud each time I hear you introduce yourself as the narrator. You make even the stinkers enjoyable to listen to. Thank you!

andy wogan

- hellhounds of the cosmos

Possibly the story could have been developed into a longer version but was entertaining none the less. I am no great sci-fi fan but Phil's readings always keep me amused


- Hellhounds of the Cosmos

A decent story of it's time, well read by Phil.