He Fell in Love with His Wife cover

He Fell in Love with His Wife

Edward P. Roe (1838-1888)

1. Left Alone
2. A Very Interested Friend
3. Mrs. Mumpson Negotiates and Yields
4. Domestic Bliss
5. Mrs. Mumpson Takes up Her Burdens
6. A Marriage?
7. From Home to the Street
8. Holcroft's View of Matrimony
9. Mrs. Mumpson Accepts Her Mission
10. A Night of Terror
11. Baffled
12. Jane
13. Not Wife, But Waif
14. A Pitched Battle
15. 'What is to Become of Me?'
16. Mrs. Mumpson's Vicissitudes
17. A Momentous Decision
18. Holcroft Gives His Hand
19. A Business Marriage
20. Uncle Jonathan's Impression of the Bride
21. At Home
22. Getting Acquainted
23. Between the Past and Future
24. Given Her Own Way
25. A Charivari
26. 'You Don't Know'
27. Farm and Farmer Bewitched
28. Another Waif
29. Husband and Wife in Trouble
30. Holcroft's Best Hope
31. 'Never!'
32. Jane Plays Mouse to the Lion
33. 'Shrink From YOU?'

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James desperately needs someone to help him keep his farm going, but has failure after colossal failure finding a good housekeeper. Alida marries a man only to find out he's already married. She's so undone when she finds out that she just wants to go somewhere where no one will judge her for her misfortune, where she can work and keep herself fed and clothed. James and Alida meet and arrange for a strictly business marriage, leaving loving and honoring out of the vows. The title of the book tells the rest of the story, but the way it gets there is worth the journey. (Introduction by TriciaG)