Happy Days cover

Happy Days

A. A. Milne (1882-1956)

1. MARGERY: Her Sock
2. MARGERY: How We Play the Pianola
3. MARGERY: The Knight of the Chimney-Piece
4. MARGERY: The Art of Conversation
5. MARGERY: Afternoon Sleep
6. MARGERY: A Twice Told Tale
7. MARGERY: The Literary Art
8. MARGERY: My Secretary
9. MARGERY: The Truth About Home Rails
10. A Crown of Sorrows
11. The Lucky Month
12. The Rescue
13. The Portuguese Cigar
14. A Cold World
15. A Breath of Life
16. The Doctor
17. The Financier
18. The Things That Matter
19. The Making of a Christmas Story
20. A Matter-of-Fact Fairy Tale
21. The Seaside Novelette
22. The First of Spring
23. The Coming of the Crocus
24. The Landscape Gardener
25. Pat-Ball
26. Ten and Eight
27. An Inland Voyage
28. One of Our Sufferers
29. Chum
30. "Under Entirely New Management"
31. A Farewell Tour
32. Physical Culture
33. An Insurance Act
34. Getting the Needle
35. Dressing Up
36. The Complete Kitchen
37. An Informal Evening
38. A Billiard Lesson
39. Bachelor Relics
40. "Fair Mistress Dorothy"
41. "A Slight Misunderstanding"
42. "Miss Prendergast"
43. "At Dead of Night"
44. "The Lost Heiress"
45. "The Literary Life"
46. The Solicitor
47. The Painter
48. The Barrister
49. The Civil Servant
50. The Actor
51. The Collector
52. The Statesman
53. The Magnate
54. The Adventurer
55. The Explorer
56. The Newspaper Proprietor

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Although best known for his Winnie the Pooh stories, A.A. Milne spent years as an editor at the English humor magazine Punch. These sprightly essays were chosen from the hundreds he wrote during that period. As usual, they are funny, wry, and poke fun at almost all of our human foibles. There are 6 short one act plays that he wrote to demonstrate the 6 allowable plots for amateur playwrights and they are absolutely hilarious. The other topics run the gamut from dogs to dates.


The narrator who reads the Margery stories really captures the humor and delight of Milne well.