The Hand of Fu-Manchu cover

The Hand of Fu-Manchu

Sax Rohmer (1883 -1959)

1. 01_The Traveller from Tibet
2. 02_The Man with the Limp
3. 03_Sakya Muni
4. 04_The Flower of Silence
5. 05_John Kis
6. 06_The Si-Fan Move
7. 07_Chinatown
8. 08_Zarmi of the Joy-Shop
9. 09_Fu-Manchu
10. 10_The Tulun-Nur Chest
11. 11_In the Fog
12. 12_The Visitant
13. 13_The Room Below
14. 14_The Golden Pomegranates
15. 15_Zarmi Reappears
16. 16_Zarmi Reappears
17. 17_I Meet Dr Fu-Manchu
18. 18_Queen of Hearts
19. 19_Zagazig
20. 20_The Note on the Door
21. 21_The Second Message
22. 22_The Secret of the Wharf
23. 23_Arrest of Samarkan
24. 24_Cafe de lEgypte
25. 25_House of Hashish
26. 26_The Demons Self
27. 27_Room with the Golden Door
28. 28_The Mandarin Ki-Ming
29. 29_Lama Sorcery
30. 30_Medusa
31. 31_The Marmoset
32. 32_Shrine of the Seven Lamps
33. 33_The Anit-Climax
34. 34_Graywater Park
35. 35_The East Tower
36. 36_The Dungeon
37. 37_Three Nights Later
38. 38_The Monk’s Plan
39. 39_The Shadow Army
40. 40_The Black Chapel

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Further adventures of Nayland Smith and Doctor Petrie as they continue their battles against the evil genius, Dr Fu-Manchu.



- The Hand of Fu-Manchu

Good Story, Very Good Reader


- The Hand of Fu-Manchu

Not the best of stories, long winded in getting to the final chapter. Once again the character voices are less than pleasing to the ear even though the story is reasonably well read.