Gulliver's Travels, Told to the Children cover

Gulliver's Travels, Told to the Children

John Lang (1816-1864)

1. 01 Part I: Voyage to Lilliput. Ch. 1: Gulliver's Birth and Early Voyages
2. 02 Part I, Ch. 2: Gulliver Sails for the South Seas
3. 03 Part I, Ch. 3: Gulliver is Taken as a Prisoner
4. 04 Part I, Ch. 4: Gulliver is Freed
5. 05 Part I, Ch. 5: Gulliver's Escape from Lilliput
6. 06 Part II: Voyage to Brobdingnag. Ch.1: Gulliver is Left Ashore
7. 07 Part II, Ch. 2: Gulliver is Shown all over the Country
8. 08 Part II, Ch. 3: Gulliver's Life at Court
9. 09 Part II, Ch. 4: Gulliver is Carried Off by a Monkey
10. 10 Part II, Ch. 5: Gulliver's Last Days in Brobdingnag

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This is a children's version of Jonathan Swift's novel Gulliver's Travels, from the Told to the Children Series (published in 1910). The children's adventure story covers Gulliver's visits to the lands of Lilliput and Brobdingnag.


Rob m

- Gulliver's travels - John Lang

An excellent book read by several different people. actually aimed towards adults who do not wish to wade through all the details of the original version. I found it to be very entertaining with surprising parallels to the modern world.