Great Men and Famous Women, Vol. 1 cover

Great Men and Famous Women, Vol. 1

Charles F. Horne (1870-1942)

1. Nebuchadnezzar
2. Cyrus the Great
3. Alexander the Great
4. Hannibal
5. Scipio Africanus Major
6. Caius Marius
7. Julius Caesar
8. Marc Antony
9. Hermann
10. Trajan
11. Diocletian
12. Alaric the Bold
13. Attila
14. Clovis the First
15. Belisarius
16. Charles Martel
17. Pepin the Short
18. Charlemagne
19. Olaf Tryggveson
20. William the Conqueror
21. Godfrey de Bouillon
22. Saladin
23. Edward I of England
24. Edward III of England
25. Edward The Black Prince
26. Bertrand du Guesclin
27. Henry V of England
28. John Huniades
29. Warwick, The King-Maker
30. Hernando Cortes
31. Francisco Pizarro
32. Gaspard de Coligni
33. Henry IV of France
34. Sir Francis Drake
35. Sir Walter Raleigh
36. Miles Standish
37. Albrecht von Wallenstein
38. Gustavus Adolphus

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Great Men and Famous Women is an 8-volume work by various authors containing “A series of pen and pencil sketches of the lives of more than 200 of the most prominent personages in History.” The set is edited by Charles F. Horne, a prolific American author who wrote mainly history. The focus of Volume 1 is “Soldiers and Sailors”.