The Grand Inquisitor (dramatic reading) cover

The Grand Inquisitor (dramatic reading)

Fyodor Dostoyevsky (1821-1881)

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2. 2 - Part 2
3. 3 - Part 3

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The Grand Inquisitor is a parable told by Ivan to Alyosha in Fyodor Dostoevsky's novel The Brothers Karamazov (1879–1880). Ivan and Alyosha are brothers; Ivan questions the possibility of a personal, benevolent God and Alyosha is a novice monk. The Grand Inquisitor is an important part of the novel and one of the best-known passages in modern literature because of its ideas about human nature and freedom, and because of its fundamental ambiguity. In the tale, Christ comes back to earth in Seville at the time of the Inquisition. He performs a number of miracles (echoing miracles from the Gospels). The people recognize him and adore him, but he is arrested by Inquisition leaders and sentenced to be burnt to death the next day. The Grand Inquisitor visits him in his cell to tell him that the Church no longer needs him. The main portion of the text is the Inquisitor explaining to Jesus why his return would interfere with the mission of the church.



- Readers

Please replace the readers in book 8 who have the worst pronunciations. I am so disappointed to be this far into the book (book 8 chapter7) and I literally can't tell who she is talking about half the time the rest of the time she's too busy laughing. I hope not to have to wade through another episode of her saying "meet-ya"


- Loved the book

Some chapters are rather poorly read though. People who do no research on how to pronounce Russian names correctly, should not be reading such books at all. Also, authors who are very slow and have speech defects should resist an urge to volunteer for the audio books recordings. Overall, I still thank you for your efforts and time.

Has a dozen or so different readers. There are some very well read sections and some rather poor. Despite this, I was able to follow all readers clearly.