Gold cover


Stewart Edward White (1873-1946)

1. Oh, Susannah!
2. The Hammerlock
3. The Voyage
4. The Village by the Lagoon
5. A Tropical River
6. The Village in the Jungle
7. The Trail
8. Panama
9. Northward Ho!
10. The Golden City
11. I Make Twenty-Five Dollars
12. Talbot Deserts
13. Up-River
14. Sutter's Fort
15. The Gold Trail
16. The First Gold
17. The Diggings
18. Beginnings of Government
19. Sunday at Hangman's Gulch
20. The Gold Washers
21. We Leave the Diggings
22. The Strike
23. The Camp on the Porcupine
24. The Indians
25. Battle
26. We Send Out Our Treasure
27. The Robbery
28. The Bully
29. The Challenge
30. The Fight
31. The Express Messenger
32. Italian Bar
33. The Overland Immigrants
34. The Prisoners
35. The Trial
36. The Rule of the Lawless
37. The Last Straw
38. The Vigilantes
39. The Vigilantes (continued)
40. The Rains
41. We Go Out
42. San Francisco Again
43. The Golden Web
44. Plutocrats
45. The Catastrophe
46. The Vision

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This is a well written story of the California gold rush of 1849. Four friends decide they are going to go to California and get rich in the gold fields. Follow their adventures as they travel to California across the isthmus of Panama to San Francisco. In their search for gold they encounter hostile Indians, various desperadoes, and natural disasters. Did they strike it rich? Listen and find out.