Gold Bag cover

Gold Bag

Carolyn Wells (1862-1942)

1. The Crime in West Sedgwick
2. The Crawford House
3. The Coroner's Jury
4. The Inquest
5. Florence LLoyd
6. The Gold Bag
7. Yellow Roses
8. Further Inquiry
9. The Twelfth Rose
10. The Will
11. Louis's Story
12. Louis's Confession
13. Miss Lloyd's Confidence
14. Mr. Potter's Views
15. The Photograph Explained
16. A Call on Mrs. Purvis
17. The Owner of the Gold Bag
18. In Mr. Goodrich's Office
19. The Midnight Train
20. Fleming Stone
21. The Disclosure

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The case involves a millionaire murdered in his study, suspicious servants, a beautiful niece, a private secretary and a will. enamored. A Holmes like detective is brought in to solve the mystery.


K. Gervascio

- Gold Bag

Great reader ! very entertaining story


- review

Very well read. Quite a few twists and turns to keep the reader interested.