Gods of Pegāna cover

Gods of Pegāna

Lord Dunsany (1878-1957)

1. 01 - Preface TO Concerning Sish
2. 02 - The Sayings of Slid TO The Sayings of Limpang-Tung
3. 03 - Of Yoharneth-Lahai TO The Revolt of the Home Gods
4. 04 - Of Dorozhand TO Of the Thing that is neither God nor Beast.
5. 05 - Yonath the Prophet TO Of How the Gods Whelmed Sidith.
6. 06 - Of How Imbaun became High Prophet in Aradec of all the Gods save One TO Pegana.
7. 07 - The Sayings of Imbaun TO The Bird of Doom and The End

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"The Gods of Pegāna" is the first book by Anglo-Irish fantasy writer Lord Dunsany, published on a commission basis in 1905... The book is a series of short stories linked by Dunsany's invented pantheon of deities who dwell in Pegāna. It was followed by a further collection "Time and the Gods" and by some stories in "The Sword of Welleran and Other Stories".