God and my Neighbour cover

God and my Neighbour

Robert Blatchford (1851-1943)

1. Preface
2. Forewords
3. The Sin of Unbelief
4. One Reason
5. What I Can and Cannot Believe
6. The OT: Is the Bible the Word of God?
7. The OT: The Evolution of the Bible
8. The OT: Notes on the Moses Myth
9. The OT: The Universe According to Ancient Religion and Modern Science
10. The OT: Jehovah the Adopted Heavenly Father of Christianity, Part 1
11. The OT: Jehovah the Adopted Heavenly Father of Christianity, Part 2
12. The OT: The Book of Books
13. The OT: Our Heavenly Father
14. The OT: Prayer and Praise
15. The NT: The Resurrection. Value of the Evidence in Law
16. The NT: The Gospel Witnesses
17. The NT: The Time Spirit in the First Century
18. The NT: Christianity Before Christ
19. The NT: Other Evidences of Christ's Divinity
20. The Christian Religion - What is Christianity?
21. Determinism - Can Man Sin Against God?
22. Christian Apologies
23. Christian Apologies: Christianity and Civilisation
24. Christian Apologies: Christianity and Ethics
25. Christian Apologies: The Success of Christianity
26. Christian Apologies: The Prophecies
27. Christian Apologies: The Universality of Religious Belief
28. Christian Apologies: Spiritual Discernment
29. Christian Apologies: Some other Apologies
30. Christian Apologies: Counsels of Despair
31. Conclusion - The Parting of the Ways

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"I have been asked why I have opposed Christianity. I have several reasons, which shall appear in due course. At present I offer one. I oppose Christianity because it is not true. No honest man will ask for any other reason. But it may be asked why I say that Christianity is not true; and that is a very proper question, which I shall do my best to answer." Thus states the author in one of the first chapters of this book, and subsequently he lays down his apology, drawing his conclusions from numerous books published by believers and unbelievers alike, and, of course, from the bible itself.