Gloved Hand cover

Gloved Hand

Burton Egbert Stevenson (1872-1962)

1. Chapter I The Falling Star
2. Chapter II A Strange Neighbor
3. Chapter III The Drama in the Garden
4. Chapter IV Enter Freddie Swain
5. Chapter V A Call for Help
6. Chapter VI The Scream in the Night
7. Chapter VII The Tragedy
8. Chapter VIII A Fresh Enigma
9. Chapter IX First Steps
10. Chapter X The White Priest of Siva
11. Chapter XI Swain's Story
12. Chapter XII Guesses at the Riddle
13. Chapter XIII Francisco Silva
14. Chapter XIV The Finger-Prints
15. Chapter XV The Chain Tightens
16. Chapter XVI Miss Vaughan's Story
17. Chapter XVII The Verdict
18. Chapter XVIII Building A Theory
19. Chapter XIX The Yogi Conquers
20. Chapter XX Checkmate!
21. Chapter XXI The Vision in the Crystal
22. Chapter XXII The Summons
23. Chapter XXIII Deadly Peril
24. Chapter XXIV Kismet!
25. Chapter XXV The Blood-Stained Glove
26. Chapter XXVI The Mystery Clears
27. Chapter XXVII The End of the Case

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Mr. Lester, a private investigator, and his friend Godfrey are caught up in a strange case that takes them to a large estate in the country where at midnight they witness a mysterious "falling star" that appears to burst into a shower of sparks over two white robed figures standing in the air. There is a young lady in a flowing white dress and many more twists and complications before the mystery is solved.



Average mystery wirth reading. Very good reader